Friday, October 14, 2005

Big Video Arcade Exercise Game List

Rated by exercise intensity, impact, and what area is being strengthened to what degree (U=Upper body, L=Lower body)...

game max min impact aerobicstrength
Dance Dance Revolution 10 1 high high med L
Propcycle 7 1 low high med L
Mocap Boxing 8 2 med medmed
Whitewater Rafting(?) 9 2 low high med U
Downhill Bikers 9 2 low high med L
Police 911 61 low high med L
Para Para Paradise6 1 low medlow U
Sega Ski Super G 4 1low low low L
Alpine Racer(1,2) 31 low low low L
Alpine Surfer 3 1 lowlow low L
Top Skater3 1 lowlow low L
Hangliding(?) 3 1 none low low U
Samurai(?) 3 1 low med low
Gunblade NY 2 1low low low U
L.A. Machinegun 2 1 low low low U
Brave Firefighters 2 1 low low low U
Wave Runner/Wave Shark 1 1 lowlow low L
Motocross Go! 11 lowlow low L
Manx TT Superbike Twin 1 1low low low L
Motor Raid 1 1low low low L

I know I'm missing a bunch of great games, so please add a comment or email if you have specific favorites I left out (including /your/ suggested ratings, or corrections to what I've listed above). Incidentally, the few I've marked with a "?" are descriptive - these are games for which I don't know the exact name - help there would also be appreciated.

UPDATE: I had to take out the "general comments" column because it made the table too wide. I'll make a separate page with the full table as part of a general site FAQ soon enough; for now the abbreviated list must suffice.

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