Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For the Gamer Who Has Everything: VirtuSphere

Are you addicted to Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games? Would you like to get in shape with a setup such that walking in the real world causes your virtual character to walk in the simulated world? Is money no object? What you need is a VirtuSphere:

"The device consists of a large hollow sphere, which is placed on a special platform that allows the sphere to rotate in any direction as the user walks within the sphere.

The user enters the sphere with a head mounted display, which permits virtual vision in any direction. As the user moves, the sensors under the sphere transmit information about the users speed and direction to the computer. The user looks at the head mounted display and sees a virtual three dimensional space which is generated by the computer in response to his-or-her movements. The user can interact with objects in virtual space with the help of a special manipulator."

Perfect! Great! Now all I need to try it out is a room with a 9-foot tall ceiling, and, well, a spare hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).


Maybe if I added a paypal donation link?

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

And Now, a Poem!

"V-Step on the bench!"
She says, and I comply;
I really don't know why it couldn't wait,
Yet still we finish to a count of eight.
Then roll, or stretch, or sprawl across the floor
To start again: two sets, and then one more!

"Side Plank Right!"
She asks, and so we try
To stretch our left-hand fingers to the sky.
Once right-hand wrists and elbows barely hold,
I let her lead us on to Forward Fold.
Then Downward Dog, or Half Moon Left, a pose
Which makes me think I'll fall upon my nose!

Sweet Maya never sleeps or even tires;
I rarely get a sense that she perspires
Or even breathes, or pulls a student near
When props are done, they simply disappear.
She lives inside a world behind my screen
Her only wish? To teach a new routine.

From this day forth, I'll only get more fit;
I turn the console on and I submit
To tasks that Maya sets for me each day
Until at last I finish up and say:
"My core...is sore!" I slowly stand upright
To turn the console off and say goodnight.

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