Thursday, November 03, 2005

And Now, a Poem!

"V-Step on the bench!"
She says, and I comply;
I really don't know why it couldn't wait,
Yet still we finish to a count of eight.
Then roll, or stretch, or sprawl across the floor
To start again: two sets, and then one more!

"Side Plank Right!"
She asks, and so we try
To stretch our left-hand fingers to the sky.
Once right-hand wrists and elbows barely hold,
I let her lead us on to Forward Fold.
Then Downward Dog, or Half Moon Left, a pose
Which makes me think I'll fall upon my nose!

Sweet Maya never sleeps or even tires;
I rarely get a sense that she perspires
Or even breathes, or pulls a student near
When props are done, they simply disappear.
She lives inside a world behind my screen
Her only wish? To teach a new routine.

From this day forth, I'll only get more fit;
I turn the console on and I submit
To tasks that Maya sets for me each day
Until at last I finish up and say:
"My sore!" I slowly stand upright
To turn the console off and say goodnight.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11/25/2005 9:23 PM  

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