Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kinetic Week Four

I'm now one month into my 12-week Eyetoy:Kinetic fitness program. The number of workouts per week varies - it started with three but seems to be upping the workout frequency along with the difficulty of the games therein. Now it wants 4 or 5 workouts per week. On the other hand, the Optional segments really are optional. If I leave them out and cut the warmup a bit short, I can get the full workout down to a half hour. The Optional segments are also hard, especially the upper body segment after a few arm-heavy game sessions.

There are a lot of good games, and the program doles them out gradually over time to maintain interest. "Arcburst" was new for this week:

A nice touch I hadn't noticed before is that Kinetic pays attention to your time of day and adjusts the natural light in the studio areas to match the likely level of daylight outside.

I'm coming around to like the consistency of the cooldown. When you do the same moves in the same order regularly, the whole sequence can be relaxing. Meditative. Reassuring.

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