Monday, February 20, 2006

World Series of Video Games

Games Media Properties today announced the first-ever World Series of Video Games international gaming competition, set to kick off in June 2006 in Louisville, Kentucky with four subsequent circuit events taking place throughout the year and culminating in a final event in December 2006. With $1 Million in cash prizing, the World Series of Video Games will combine PC and Xbox games to establish true world champions under standardized rules and procedures across a circuit of multiple tournaments. The 3-5 day events will be open to the public and will encompass 150,000 square feet of tournaments, exhibitions, concerts and other attractions. The World Series of Video Games is presented by Intel and sponsored by Xbox 360.
What a great idea! No word yet on whether or to what degree exercise games will be featured but it seems like only a matter of time. Dance Dance Revolution would be an obvious pick as it is one of the most entertaining games to watch and requires actual athleticism.

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