Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Qmotions Motion Sports Controllers

Qmotions - best known for their golf controller - looks to be working on some interesting new projects:
Qmotions-XBoard: No wax needed. Compatible with current surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and even windsurfing video games, the board plugs in to existing game consoles to enhance video gameplay, provide a lifelike board-sport experience and offer a unique avenue for at-home fitness. Available: Spring 2006 for under $100.

Qmotions-Fun Fitness: Race to victory -- and health. A brand new device that converts recumbent bikes into video game machines, Qmotions-Fun Fitness is compatible with auto racing and jet ski games and existing game consoles. Gamers and cyclists control the speed of their video game vehicle by pedaling their recumbent bike. Other game commands are handled through a complementary Qmotions controller. Available: Spring 2006 for under $100.

Qmotions-Baseball: Batter up. Qmotions- Baseball delivers actual "full motion" player participation in popular Windows and console based video games. Players step up to the plate with the Batter-Up sleeve equipped bat and swing: full swing batting, bunting, pull, up-the-middle, and opposite field hitting. Available: Now for $149 MSRB.

These were all apparently shown in New York at last month's American International Toy Fair. Alas, I can't seem to find pictures or reviews of the XBoard or the Fun Fitness. Has anyone else tried these yet?

UPDATE: I found a review:
Fun Fitness is a fairly simple device; attach it to pretty much any recumbent exercise bike, patch the cords into your Xbox console, and suddenly, the faster you pedal on your bike, the faster your video game car or jet ski goes on the screen. You may feel a little like a hamster on a wheel after a while, but QMotions-Fun Fitness is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

The Xboard is more like QMotions-Golf; it's an interactive simulation device that's designed to act like a real skateboard or surfboard. I hadn't really seen anything like QMotions' sports simulators outside of an ESPN Zone - and I love ESPN Zones.[...]

So I gave the Xboard a whirl on the Xbox game Amped 2 (at least, I think it was). I quickly realized that A) I was way out of practice when it came to skateboarding, and B) the Xboard was a little small for my size 15 feet. I gave it my best, and it actually was a quite a bit of fun. Just like the Exer-station, the Xboard boasts amazing sensitivity and fairly quick reaction times, which made me feel like I had accurate control over the game. Of course, it took a while to get the hang of controlling the board, and I stumbled quite a bit (both in real life and on screen) before I could really enjoy working the Xboard. But even when I crashed, the Xboard delivered a much more authentic experience for the game - without the head injuries and broken bones, of course.

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