Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yourself!Fitness Annoyances

I was able to resume where I left off 12 weeks ago without much difficulty. A few Maya annoyances:
  • Audio glitches - music and voice will suddenly cut out and go silent for ten seconds or more while switching tracks. This happens just about every workout.

  • Missing the beat - Maya will slow down for no obvious reason and get off the beat that was previously established. Sometimes she'll catch up later, sometimes not. If she catches up, it might be to the wrong beat, such that she and I went from perfectly in sync to perfectly out of snyc.

  • Mistimed verbal cues - She'll often say "and...done!" when the exercise is nowhere near done. Any long sequence such as the Bicep Combo tends to suffer from this - she'll announce it's over as the last "rep" in the set begins, no matter how long it might take to finish.
One nice thing I didn't notice last time around is how much stretching Maya does. She actually does quite a bit if you include movement during the rest periods between sets. Stretching at the end is perfunctory, but the overall situation is fine.

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