Friday, January 05, 2007

Call me "Lefty!"

So: why no recent posts?

One month ago today, on my way to a firespinning rehearsal at the Palace of Fine Arts, I tripped and fell. I had been running and a little overloaded - carrying a big can of fuel in my right hand and a bucket of poi materials in my left, which somehow caused me to land without much ability to successfully block or deflect the impact. Landing badly, I bumped my head and broke my collarbone. Officially, I have a "closed, displaced, mid-clavicular fracture".

Another firespinner took me to the nearest emergency room he could find, the Kaiser on Geary, a land where everyone is competent and friendly and even the ER doctors are adorable. (I should break bones more often!)

I am currently wearing an immobilization splint that keeps my right arm pinned to my side. I'm supposed to move that arm as little as possible for about 6 weeks to let it heal. Took the first couple weeks off work, mostly staying at home watching DVDs, napping, taking pills for pain and inflammation.

Surprisingly difficult tasks with minimal use of the dominant arm:
  • Tying shoes. (trick: give up and buy shoes that don't lace.)
  • Putting on a belt. (trick: put the belt on the pants first, then put on the pants.
  • Putting on pants. (wear something loose and avoid button-fly)
  • Changing a shirt and reassembling the sling with no shoulder movement.
  • Eating! (I can now use chopsticks with my left hand! Almost!)
  • Blogging!
  • Sleeping!
Since I cannot tie my shoes while wearing them, I bought some fine italian loafers. To avoid overloading the other shoulder on small errands, I bought a folding shopping cart from The Container Store. In some ways it's actually been fun - figuring out from first principles how to accomplish basic tasks in unfamiliar ways. Like a baby learning to walk, I can take pride in accomplishments that in any other context would seem trivial.

The firespinning show went on without me - I watched from the sidelines. (there'll be another in the spring.) This will have been 6 weeks (minimum!) in which I don't spin and don't play guitar and do very little exercise. Even reading isn't very comfortable. Watching Netflix disks from the couch is about my speed - get comfy and sit perfectly still for hours, patiently letting the bones heal. (The first season of "24" is excellent.) Napping is good, too.

I miss playing guitar. I miss social interaction. I miss spinning. I'll have a lot of catching up to do once I heal. But all things considered, I'm not doing too badly.

Blogging will likely remain infrequent. For a while.

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Blogger Askazombiehousewife said...

Get better real soon.

1/05/2007 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon...

I just thought you and your readers would like to know that a lot of people are starting to use the Nintendo Wii as an exercise method.

A couple of us are keeping blogs detailing our 30 days of exercising with the Wii and reporting our success and findings along the way. You can read more about us over at

I'm going to give your blog a mention in my next post! I'm a long time reader and love the idea of using video games for exercise!

-Tom Coffee

1/10/2007 4:17 AM  

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