Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Exercise bike videogame controller roundup

Here are some products that allow one to control a video game by riding an exercise bike:

NeXfit MOG interfaces with a PC laptop, $1900 or $2300. Great commercial video here (768 kbs, Windows Media Player)

Cateye Gamebike is a bike controller for consumers, PS2 interface, $350

Cateye Gamebike Pro is meant for health clubs, connects to PS2, GameCube or XBox, $1200

Expresso Fitness "Spark" is a bike with a 17 inch screen and custom software aimed at health clubs, $4700

SimCycle is just a pedal controller, not a full bike, $272 at Amazon

NeoRacer is a bike controller with "adjustable magnetic (eddy current) resistance" for PS2 and PC, $220

The GamerCycle doesn't control videogames, it just inflicts exercise on passive viewers of any video media - when the user stops pedaling, the TV screen goes blank. $300

The MIT Media lab is working on a project called CycleScore. ( See also this Boston Globe article )

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! These are great, although I reckon there's
still room for a home-made solution using CSAFE
or some similar protocol. Doesn't seem like there's
that much choice here. But it'd be great to give this
a try. Wonder if there are any showrooms in the Bay
Area. Damn, this could be a whole new kind of
cybercafe (cybergym?)

-- IanHolmes

9/27/2005 6:00 PM  
Blogger Glen said...

Wonder if there are any showrooms in the Bay Area

Expresso Fitness is based in Sunnyvale, for what that's worth. In my surfing, I couldn't find any examples of an eliptic trainer or stairmaster, but treadmills have been done, and there will be an example or two at CES. Like .

9/28/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger DrewK79 said...

I rode a bike at least 5 years ago at a local gym. Actually there were 2 of them hooked up.

the game was like soccer on a reall big field, you could change gears to get to the other in of the field, and pedal harder, then when you got in to the goal area you could downshift for fast and easy manuvering.

this was at least 5 years ago. A friend and I would use the machine every day!!!

12/03/2008 5:35 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

If you are looking to expand your list I found another one.

Cyber ExerCycle is a game bike controller for your PC.

The price is under $100.


9/09/2011 12:13 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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9/05/2016 7:52 AM  

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