Friday, September 16, 2005

Taiko Drum Master (PS2)

Kawaiii! This game is nauseatingly cute - the onscreen taiko drum has a face and gets sad when you do poorly. The "stage cleared!" voice is excited and happy for you; the "stage failed" voice is heartbroken. But if you have a sufficiently strong stomach, here's a fine music exercise game in which you pound a small drum with big Taiko-style arm movements.

The controller senses hits to the drum head and hits to the rim. There are a variety of tunes to choose from at various difficulty levels. Scrolling graphics tell you when to hit what. Start out on the easiest mode; these songs can be hard rhythmically. Red Octane has a nice third-party controller or you can use the standard one, it's not terrible.

Exercise Type: Aerobic, arm and shoulder muscles.

Only available for PS2, though there are other drumming games for other platforms.

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