Friday, January 27, 2006

CES Leftovers: Arcademx, Lightglove, Exerstation, Launchpad

arcademx is coming out with wrist and foot position sensors that work with a DDR-style footpad for playing fighting games at home using physical movement. Kick to kick, punch to punch, step on the pad to move and jump. I played StreetFighter using the prototype and it was fun but frustrating. The control is kinda squishy and had a slight lag, so you probably wouldn't want to use this against somebody playing with a standard controller. This will probably retail for around $50.

The new smaller sit-down version of PowerGrid's Kilowatt is called the Exerstation and should be available in March for around $200.

The Lightglove seems like it might work well as a virtual gaming controller in concert with other devices such as treadmills.

The Golf launchpad is an impressive high-end controller for golf videogames. ps2/pc/mac; $200

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