Friday, January 27, 2006

Fighting Android FA1

Among the many interesting robots featured at CES:

Self Defense Technologies, Inc. (SDT) has developed the world’s first “true” fighting android. Specifically, SDT’s invention is known as an electromechanical training apparatus or Fighting Android FA1. This android will revolutionize the training and conditioning of participants in boxing, martial arts and kick boxing along with providing both recreation and entertainment for the general public
Instructors and fitness center owners are in dire need of a means of demonstrating various punches, kicks and other contact techniques without risking injury to themselves or their students and patrons. Several devices that are basically padded dummies or wooden structures are available that reduce the risk of injury; yet, they are passive in nature. The user does not experience any real-life sparring opportunity since these devices are restrictive, immobile and noncompetitive. SDT’s fighting android provides an active means of training for martial arts, boxing and kick boxing; as well as, improving the general aerobic conditioning of recreational users.
Since it's a robot, you can hit it full-force without injuring it and it can punch back at you at full speed but stop the instant it makes contact so that - apart from your pride - you don't get injured. Read the whole thing.

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