Monday, January 30, 2006

Gamespot's Top Ten Rhythm Games

Gamespot has a feature article on what they consider the top ten rhythm games. The most exercise oriented on their list are Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (dancing) and Samba De Amigo (shaking maracas). DDR is of course number one:
Something should be said about the emergence of DDR as a whole, since the game has come to typify everything that the rhythm genre offers. There's a peripheral, there's a variety of songs, and there's a difficulty level that ranges from simple to impossibly hard. While the game holds great appeal for small (yet coordinated) children, it also provides challenge to the fiercest competitors, and this wide range of appeal has helped it to breathe its life into the dying arcade scene in North America.
The article ends with a Reader's Choice poll where you can select your favorite rhythm game from a ridiculous array of choices - or write in your own.

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