Monday, January 16, 2006

Power Your TV With Exercise

Suppose you've got a traditional exercise machine - a treadmill, an exercise bike, a healthrider, a nordicTrack, whatever - which you like using to keep your heart rate up while watching TV or a DVD or playing videogames. Is there some cheap, convenient way to force yourself to keep exercising while you engage in more passive entertainments? Yup!

The Entertrainer simulates powering the TV with your own exercise. What is it? A universal remote control that interacts with a wireless heart monitor. Wear the heart monitor belt around your chest and set up the controller facing the TV; it will help you to stay in your target exercise zone. How? Work too hard and your TV volume gets too loud. Work too little and the volume drops. Stop working out entirely and the TV powers off. For a hundred bucks. Cool!

Videos about the product can be found here.

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