Saturday, January 28, 2006

Still More CES Fitness

Starling Fitness blogged CES extensively. Laura spotted products I missed and covered several I didn't in greater depth. Links, glorious links...

Konami and DDR "I expected a lot of noise and people playing. Instead, it was a small booth with two employees of Konami playing."

Powergrid Fitness "This is the first product from PowerGrid Fitness that I would be willing to shell out the bucks for."

Arcademx "wins my award for favorite product that I can’t buy yet."

Gamerunner "I hope they are successful and are able to create a product with a treadmill that looks a little more sturdy."

Jackie Chan J-mat "You run down the street, dodge things in your way and jump over barriers. Ninjas come at you and you need to step on them to get them to disappear. It’s not very realistic because the Jackie doesn’t run faster when you jump faster on the mat, but it got my heart rate higher than when I was playing in the Fitness Mode. I really wanted to beat up those ninjas."

Jackie Chan Powerboxing "I found it to be quite fun, but it wasn’t very aerobic."

Xavix Baseball "it’s not aerobic at all. I barely made it into the light intensity range, so this game is just for fun..."

Xavix Prototypes: Health & Fitness Manager, Stepper "Think Monkey Ball with a ferret and a stair stepper. That might give you an idea of what this game was like. "

Garmin GPS and heart-monitor "The Forerunner 305’s suggested retail price is $377, which is almost four times the cost of my Nike Imara."

Tacx and Intel " would be so cool if someone filmed video of roads and turned them into a game where you could ride your bike on famous bike courses. Tacx beat us to it and they have executed it well."

Tacx videos for your bike trainer "These DVDs might be a great compromise between true virtual reality and simulated reality."

Navman "It measures your speed, distance, and pace. It would work while running or on your bicycle."

Journey to the wild divine "Las Vegas Convention Center is the worst place on the planet to test meditation software."

Fitcentric "The software places you on a track with several other runners. You can try to catch up to the ones ahead of you or slow down and run at whatever pace you decide."

CES wrap-up "If a new toy will motivate you to exercise, then the investment is worth it."

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