Sunday, August 27, 2006

Getting back into fitness with Maya

I haven't posted for a while. There's a reason for that: I haven't been exercising. Not even with videogames. I just turned into a slug for a while.

It's funny how both exercising and not exercising are stable equilibria. When you don't exercise, you don't feel like exercising. You say "I'm too tired." or "I don't have time today, maybe tomorrow." On the other hand, when you do exercise, it's pretty easy to just keep doing it. The tricky part is making that first step, overcoming your inertia to just get it done. From there on it's all downhill.

I jumped back into it last week, returning to Maya of Yourself!Fitness (PS2). Rather than continue from where I left off, I deleted my old user account and started entirely fresh. (I'm hoping to unlock the final area this time - this always eluded me before). After the initial fitness evaluation, you are asked whether your current level of fitness is sedentary, moderately active, or active. The answer matters. The program scales your difficulty level appropriately. The first time I tried Y!F I said I was "sedentary" and had many workouts of answering "no sweat!" to Maya's "How hard was that?" queries before it got difficult enough to be interesting. This time around I said I was "moderately active" and the difficulty of my half-hour workouts was just about right from day one.

Speaking of overcoming inertia, jumping into things, and things being all downhill, I might have found a new real-world hobby:

(that's me with Connie of BayAreaSkydiving.)

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