Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tetris Weightlifting

Take two pulldown handle grips. Add a small "rotate" thumb button to each grip. Pull the right handle down to move the tetris object to the right, pull the left handle down to move it left, pull both handles to drop the object faster. Adjust the weight bucket and the required pull distance as needed to make the game challenging. You've got a serious workout game.

This isn't just a wacky idea; it's a wacky idea with a prototype, tested and functional. The control software is open source, so have at it!

It's a great idea for a controller, but I'm not sure tetris is the best game to demonstrate the concept. Given the same control set, I think I'd make a parachuting game. Or if we have to stick with old-school 2D graphics, what about Lunar Lander? Make the controllers return analog values instead of on/off. Given a right and left jet, pulling one cord more than the other turns the craft, pulling both chords equally applies central thrust to slow the craft, and within the allowable movement range the further you pull down, the more the rocket slows the ship. Yessss!

Somebody call Konami. Have my people and your people set up a meeting; we'll do lunch.

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