Monday, May 08, 2006

Powerisers - Jump Like a Videogame Character in Real Life

Characters in videogames often have unlikely jumping abilities. From Donkey Kong and Street Fighter up through modern 1st-person shooters, we expect there to be a "jump" button. If you've got one, your onscreen character can hop all over the place without ever seeming to tire. But what about real life? Check out this commercial to see what life would be like if everybody wore Powerisers.

One professional acrobat put some amazing videos online showing flips and spins, even a double somersault.

Then there's leaping over a truck...

I went bounding around town on my Powerisers yesterday for the first time this year - it's amazing how many smiling people you meet when doing something that silly. It's even more amazing how sore I am today - especially my hip flexors. It works an entirely different set of muscles than running or rollerblading.

Great goofy fun.

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