Monday, September 04, 2006

And the award goes to...

Brainwash Cafe's "editor's choice awards" include what they call the 10 Best Blogs for a Stronger You.

The list is heavily oriented to the fighting arts - karate, thai boxing and such - but they managed to squeeze us in at #10. Yay, us! Though I did notice they gave as our one-line description:
Videogame Workout: okay, the title can be a little bit misleading but the site is definitely a must visit.
So my question is: is the title misleading? And if you think it is, what would make it better or clearer or less misleading?

(oh, and FWIW: No, I didn't die in my second shot at skydiving)

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Blogger Askazombiehousewife said...

I think your title is right on spot.
You blog about video games that are workouts. I don't think it can be any clearer.

9/06/2006 1:02 AM  
Blogger yasser said...

good point I will adress the issue with the rest of the editors; totally deserved recognition though...

9/12/2006 6:42 PM  
Blogger Glen said...

Yasser: thanks for the award! I wasn't upset about the comment, merely a bit curious to know what the writer was expecting.

9/15/2006 1:16 PM  

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