Monday, February 19, 2007

Maya's sequel is back in the works!

According to a recent posting to the Yourself!Fitness discussion board, the long-delayed next installment of the franchise, Yourself!Fitness Lifestyle, is back on track. Full details to be released "soon". Hurray!

Here's the full announcement:
Dear faithful Yourself!Fitness customers,

The responDESIGN Team wishes all the fans of Maya and Yourself!Fitness a happy and healthy Valentine's Day!

We are as excited as ever about the future of fitness gaming and are looking forward to a bright future for Maya and the Yourself!Fitness brand of fitness products.

We have inventory of our Yourself!Fitness for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and PC, as well as many of the accessories you've asked for like the Y!F Stability Ball, Y!F Water Bottles and more.

We are working on the next Yourself!Fitness title called Y!F Lifestyle to be released on the new game consoles and the PC. Y!F Lifestyle has many of the new features that you asked us to create and we will be releasing the details for this new product soon!

Please stay tuned for more great fitness gaming products from your friends at responDESIGN and Yourself!Fitness.

The responDESIGN/Yourself!Fitness Team.


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Blogger Jennifer Roland said...

Any updates on the status of the sequel?

2/06/2008 11:36 AM  

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